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Godric's Hollow

( aka; Voldie. Version 1.0 )

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The 1970s in the Wizarding World served to be some of the most great and captivating incidents in recent wizard history. Tom Marvolo Riddle became Lord Voldemort, whose reign of terror became so great, that even speaking his name shot a rush of fear into witches and wizards. Upon his uprising for the first time, the side of good was devastatingly undermanned due to the initial confusion of the Dark Lord, his overwhelming support, and the use of the Imperius Charm on high ranking Ministry officials.

Voldemort swept through like a great disease, wiping out any pocket of resistance with his unyielding force. Aurors and the Order of Phoenix fought against Death Eaters of His Lord's Army for those long, frightening years.

Before Harry Potter, before the fateful night of Halloween, 1981, the fight reached such a pitch, that even ten years later his name was still feared.

Godric's Hollow is a HP RPG that serves as a precursor to the Harry Potter books, during the year 1976/77. Some quick points about '77;

- The Marauders are in their 7th year.
- The Marauders (excluding Lupin) have mastered their animagus forms, but it is ILLEGAL and NO ONE else should know of their ability.
- It's at the center of the Dark Lord's War.
- The Order of the Phoenix is desperately undermanned and does not include school aged children.
- On the opposing side, the Deatheaters do not accept students into their ranks, but still outnumber the OotP 10 to 1.

Also, since there is James Potter- There is not Harry Potter. He's not born yet, kiddies. If you don't like old-school wizarding issues and drama, this won't be your cup of tea. Don't tell us not to live in the past either, okay? ;))

( For fangorious purposes, visit our fancommunity- greenlightwhoa. )

  Godric's Hollow came to a close on May 9, 2005 after nearly two years of gameplay. We wholeheartedly thank all past and current members for their contribution and for any others who supported us throughout the run. Thank you for making this game excellent, we shall miss you all. If you have any further questions, you can contact me through email at marauder_rhombus@yahoo.co.uk.

Thank you!
the mod.