Ted Tonks (tedfuckingtonks) wrote in godrics_hollow,
Ted Tonks

Boneses' Funeral Service

I wanted to leave an open invitation to everyone to attend the Boneses' service at the Golders Green Crematorium this Wednesday around four o'clock. I made all the arrangements and requested a non-religious service, so we'll prolly just be alone in a room with the Boneses until it's time for them to be cremated. And when I say Boneses, I mean Edgar, Angelica and Patrick. Mr and Mrs Bones are going to have their service on Thursday. The McKinnons were cremated on Monday cos they have no living relatives and they oh fuck it.

Golders Green Crematorium is at 62 Hoop Lane, London. We'll be remembering Bones so bring as much booze, crisps and pistachios as you can carry. And you know what? We'll be remembering Marlene, too. I don't know how she could see the good in everything in this shite world, but she could. ANY SHITE SAID DURING THE SERVICE WILL RESULT IN PAIN.
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