Professor M. McGonagall (headofhouse) wrote in godrics_hollow,
Professor M. McGonagall

Career Meetings.

Attn. all 5th years and 7th years;

Each of the above students is required to meet with their head of house for a Career Meeting this week. For fifth years, this is to discuss what N.E.W.T classes you intend to take in your remaining years at Hogwarts and which will most benefit your future. For seventh years this is your final check in before you leave school and an intent to decipher what you plan to persue after your education.

Fifth Years will meet with their heads of house on Tuesday at 7 o'clock.

Seventh Years will meet with their heads of house Thursday at 7 o'clock as well.

Your meetings will commence in alphabetical order and should last no longer than ten minutes- unless you have a terimally long record of violations that could bar you from a sucessful career.

These meetings are required, and failure to appear at the proper time will result in Mr. Filch escorting you to yourhead of house's office- and an immediate detention thereafter if you were supposed to report to me.

Professor M. McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress.
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